Types of holistic massages we offer

Treating various health issues or simply improving overall health and body condition via different types of massage is one of the oldest and most common methods implemented in the healthcare system. Massage therapy is based on the application of different manipulative, usually manual, techniques that apply pressure onto muscles and soft tissues, to improve circulation, decrease pain, enhance elimination of toxic products in your body and finally to stimulate the immune system by pressuring particular areas of the body. Healing by touch has many positive effects on the body, including relieving pain and decreasing levels of stress hormones. It increases the mobility of joint, strength of muscles and resistance towards various infections. Holistic massage is divided into several types and here are major types we provide.

Aromatherapy massage

This type of holistic massage is based on using essential oils or concentrated herbal lotions while applying manual pressure onto body’s surface. Oils used during therapy may have a different effect, including calming, uplifting, energizing, decongesting and pain-relieving effect. These oils are applied to the skin while massaging, and the skin absorbs them. Also, you may inhale some of it during the procedure to achieve the positive mental effect. There are many indications for this type of holistic massage, and the most frequent include sore back, neck and shoulders, anxiety and depression, various types of pain, insomnia, and dementia.

Detox massage therapy

This type of holistic massage therapy is something we all need today. Aside endogenous toxins emerging from normal metabolism, most people are exposed to many toxic substances in the air, the food they eat, drinks and other sources. Accumulated pollutants and toxins cause different hazardous effects in the body, potentially even malignant transformations of cells. This type of massage stimulates your lymph drainage system by pressuring adequate areas to enhance detoxication of the whole body.

Relax massage therapy

One of the most frequently applied holistic massages is relaxing massage. Application of manual pressure onto adequate areas of the body and stimulation of tactile receptors scattered in skin releases chronic tension in muscles stimulates circulation in soft tissue and empowers limbic system. Summary effect is a significantly lower level of stress.

Back to life massage therapy

This relatively new type of holistic massage combines the effects of previously mentioned types. Aside from releasing your body from stress and chronic tension, it will restore the functionality and mobility of your bones, joint, and muscles, as well as stimulate the proper function of your inner organs.