The Benefits of Acupuncture: What You Need to Know

Many people across the country suffer from pain that can limit their ability to enjoy their lives. For many of these sufferers, they turn to pain medications to help ease this pain. Unfortunately, pain medications can come with side effects, such as drowsiness and fatigue, that can limit their ability to enjoy their lives, as well. Pain medications can also pose risks of addiction. Fortunately, there are alternatives for easing pain in many people. Acupuncture is a safer alternative to pain medication that has been proven to promote healing and pain relief. However, it is important to understand what acupuncture is and how it can benefit a person’s life.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old Chinese treatment that has found new benefits in today’s world. Acupuncture is a process of inserting thin needs in various points throughout the body. It was thought that the insertion of these needles could help to free and balance chi. Chi was thought to be the energy or life force of each person. By inserting these needles into the proper position, it could free the chi and balance the body’s life force that could eliminate all ailments. Although often passed off as superstition and unhelpful, many modern practitioners in the west have discovered that there are real benefits from acupuncture treatments when properly administered.

What are the Benefits of Acupuncture?

When the acupuncture treatment is performed by a trained practitioner, the treatments can have many benefits for reducing pain and promoting healing. The thin needles are placed in specific pressure points near and around the area where the problem lies. These needles stimulate the nerves. This stimulation helps reduce pain. The needles also increase blood flow to the affected area. Increased blood flow helps to bring oxygen-rich blood to the injured area. This helps to promote healing. Studies have shown that acupuncture can be beneficial for a variety of pain in the neck, back, and spine. It has also been shown to help reduce pain of headaches and migraines.

What are the Risks of Acupuncture?

When performed by a certified and trained practitioner using sterile needles, the risks are very low. The most common side effects reported include soreness of the area immediately after treatment. Some minor bleeding or bruising has also been reported. Since the treatment is performed with disposable, single-use needles, the risk of infection is very low. It is not recommended, however, if the patient has a bleeding disorder, a pacemaker, or is pregnant, as there have been reported complications.

Acupuncture treatment may not be the cure all for everything that ails a person. However, it can be a reliable method for easing pain and reducing a person’s dependency on prescription pain killers. At the bare minimum, it is worth trying.